Stephen Quaint

Introducing the unique sound of Stephen Quaint….

Stephen Quaint - Cover

Stephen Quaint has signed to One Tree Family for his first recording album in a decade, interspersed with frequent gigging up and down the South Coast of England and frantic family life.

Stephen Quaint - Seaside Kites

He is an English multi-instrumentalist, composer, lyricist and poet, with diverse influences from Celtic, Rock, Roots and Jazz, combining for a truly unique sound.

His latest singles released by One Tree Family have an acoustic, atmospheric vibe, perfect for romantic summer evenings.

Stephen Quaint in Session

Quaint is an advocate of peace and unity, Environmental Protection and global harmony. One World Love.


He is a committed Vegetarian, having given talks on his personal plant-based journey and profound health transformation experienced by a Kind Diet.


For more information, or to hear Stephen Quaint’s sound, visit him on Bandpage or Soundcloud, or click to the top right of any page on our website for previews.

All tracks are available to buy via our shop.

Contact us, follow us. Come on, join the family.

Peace, Love and Music


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