We’re crowd-sourcing…

surfing tsunami

There’s a big, new, scary digital world out there. Its harder than ever to be heard above the noise from the crowd, but we at One Tree Family believe that the littlest voice can be heard if its unique enough.

One Tree Family are proud champions of the underdog – if you are an Independant (Indie) Talent looking for representation, Contact Us with your bio and if you’re a good fit for the family, we’ll help promote your talent to the next level.

Friends are the new Family.

As part of our commitment to nurturing and developing uniqueness, we have set up a Crowd Sourcing fund to support our artists.

If you have philanthropic tendencies, or even if you don’t but you really like one (or more) of our featured profiles, get in touch, or donate in exchange for credit in their future releases and other exciting paybacks.

OTF Fund - Support the Family
OTF Fund – Support the Family

Thank you and Namaste. Remember, we are all connected.


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