Stephen Quaint

Stephen Quaint is branching out! 

Long time musician and performing artist, Stephen Quaint has two books in production with OTF at the moment. Both are music biographies (staying close to his roots) but with two very different takes on the British music scene. We can’t wait to bring you both of them!

Stephen Quaint in SessionStephen has a passion for the Golden Age of British Rock & Roll – perhaps born a decade or two too late? His almost encyclopedic knowledge of popular music culture of the 50s through 70s stands him in good stead for delivering some amazing, and otherwise forgotten, history of what made the world turn back in the days of vinyl and tight trouser suits.

His first title, Diamonds – The Jet Harris & Tony Meehan Story (release date TBA) is a biography of two years in the life of ex-The Shadows members who had profound impact on shaping the scene of the day, yet for very different reasons never lived and died with the fame they once briefly tasted. It is a fascinating ride, and one that were it not for die-hard fans like Stephen and the legions of Shadow aficionados around the world, one that would be completely forgotten. There are many biographies about the main line up as stands today, but the story of the powerhouse combo that was Jet and Tony has been overlooked until now. Contact us to be added to the advance notification / pre-order list today.

Stephen Quaint is also currently writing a hilarious fictional account of the best band that never was, a rock biography to rival Spinal Tap, Still Crazy and the Syd Barrett story. Think High Fidelity meets Rock Legends, every musical mishap and misadventure spun into the tale of the man who could have been a contender, Charlie – would he have not suddenly disappeared at the very height of his fame. Why? Join our pre-order list to be the first to find out… 😉


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