JL Morse

Welcome to the OTF homepage for our signed author, JL Morse.

JL Morse

JLM is a mother of three, and lives on the South Coast of England. Her debut publication, The Family Bed, topped the Amazon Parenting Bestseller charts on its release in 2014 – Click HERE to find out more about that.

Her personal website is www.jlmorse.com and blogs HERE.

The first of her multi-book series, Tales of a Blue Sky Thinking Family, has kicked off with OTF’s publication of The World of Wickham Mossrite. It is the story of a homeschooling/unschooling, conscious living family – based on Attachment/Gentle Parenting principles, a life lived in love and nature, and huge dollops of kindness. Its 5* reviews have called it “The Walton’s for the 21st Century” – a bible for the Crunchy Natural Parenting Generation, perhaps? If you cloth nappy, babywear, recycle and eat your greens, this might be the book for you! Find out more HERE.

The Family BedWickham Mossrite - Available on All Major E-Stores

You can check out her Amazon Author Central Page here… Or follow her on Pinterest for a fab feel of her work and a daily dose of inspiration.

Her titles are available on all major international bookselling platforms (Amazon UK / Amazon USA links) – or check out our SHOP page to buy direct.

You can also find her on Goodreads, Booklikes, & AuthorRise. Oh, and Smashwords too – for you Indie Supporters.

JL Morse would love to be your friend on Facebook. Let’s face it, everyone likes to have friends. She manages her page herself, so do drop her a direct line – she responds to every message personally. Same for Twitter. She’s @JLMorse99 (and she’s not bad at #followback either). She shares lots of #parenting and #unschooling links daily to help you with your journey and in building your support tribe – along with updates and special promotions.

JL Morse’s next release is entitled The Romantic Disentanglement of Us. It’s a change of pace from Wickham and TFB – a lot more ‘grown up’ – literary fiction about romance, and a lack of it. A tale of love gone cold, of disappointment and redemption throughout the gross anatomy of a break up. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list (hit *FOLLOW) or send us an email for updates, previews and freebies

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